The Plug & Play filter tower for the hall extraction of cooling lubricants with up to 360° air conditioning

Beside the benefits of every AIRTOWER unit, this ingenious device can also combat the extreme heat generated by the processing stations and cool your production hall, or heat it if required.

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The ambient air drawn in at the top of the unit is filtered safely, economically and in a microbiologically inactive manner using high class filter pockets. The second filter stage located in the four discharge openings helps to ensure that the temperature-adjusted air is distributed evenly and stops dust from entering the device when it is inactive.

The Airtower Climate 360M is equipped with four large heat exchangers. These can all be controlled separately and their discharge temperature individually adjusted. That includes unbeatable values in terms of cooling and air discharge speed. If your staff feel too cool, they can switch the discharge opening facing them to air circulation.


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Airtower Climate 360M
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