The plug-&-play filter tower for the indoor extraction of smoke, oil mist and odours

Thanks to its pre-fitted heavy-duty castors and the practical push handles, the NOVUS Airtower Go can be used extremely flexibly. It was specially developed for use in various different workplaces, temporary construction sites or small machine shops: it can be moved effortlessly to the place of use and thus placed right next to the source of the emissions.


The workplace of your choice

The AIRTOWER Go was specially developed for simple small-scale use. It can circulate and remove the pollutants in air volumes between 5,000 m³/h and 10,000 m³/h. The integrated storage filter can hold up to 4.4 kg of dust. No tools are required to change the filter: in a few simple steps, it can be replaced with filter bags for oil mist or activated charcoal cartridges to remove odours. The AIRTOWER Go can optionally be equipped with a downstream safety filter. 

Its low height, heavy-duty castors and handle on all sides make the AIRTOWER Go easy to handle and allow it to be positioned individually. A collision guard can also be added.


A strong family

Welding work rarely needs to be done at the same working height or generally at the same workplace. This means that, more than anything else, an effective extractor unit must be flexible. That is the strength of the NOVUS Airtower family, with its plug-&-play units that work without piping.

The side panelling made of high-tech polycarbonate means that the unit is not only comparatively lightweight, but also resistant to impacts, scratches and heat. It also runs quietly thanks to the high-quality soundproofing.


  • NOVUS TEST DEVICES Test the NOVUS Airtower without obligation

    We provide anyone interested in our NOVUS Airtower with the chance to hire our equipment without obligation for up to 4 weeks and to test it in real-life conditions. 





Flexible extraction

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