Extraction system for the stone and soil industry

Despite state-of-the-art technology for processing stones and soils, it is not possible to fully avoid emissions of harmful substances. The mining, transport and processing of stones and soils are sources of coarse and fine dust. The production of bricks and tiles and the processing of stones by means of grinding, hammering, chiselling and sawing carry the risk of increased dust formation. Respirable crystalline silica, which is invisible to the naked eye and causes life-threatening diseases of the respiratory system in the long run, is particularly dangerous.

How extraction systems are deployed in the stone and soil industry

In the following application areas, extraction systems do not only ensure optimum health and safety standards at work. They also ensure healthy and satisfied employees and can noticeably support you to reduce your heating and cleaning costs.

  • Extracting coarse dust at the machines
  • Extracting and filtering fine dust
  • Removing coarse stone and soil residues
  • Extracting and filtering aerosols

Herausforderungen bei der Arbeit mit Stein

Eine saubere und wirkungsvolle Absaugung und Filterung ist bei der Arbeit mit Steinen und Erden zwingend notwendig und sorgt nicht nur für saubere und gesunde Arbeitsbedingungen. So werden in den Regelwerken der Berufsgenossenschaft Arbeitsplatzgrenzwerte für Steinstaub vorgegeben. Zur Einhaltung dieser Grenzwerte ist eine effiziente Absaugung und Filterung absolut notwendig.

Unter Einsatz verschiedenster Absaugelemente können Feinstäube gezielt direkt an der Entstehungsstelle abgesaugt werden. Reicht die großflächige Absaugung nicht aus oder ist eine Punktabsaugung unpraktikabel oder gar nicht durchführbar, kommen Hallenlüftungssysteme zum Einsatz.  


NOVUS extraction solutions for stones and soil

To extract dusts, NOVUS offers extraction systems which meet the high requirements of this industry. From solution-oriented planning to building customised extraction systems, NOVUS develops, manufactures and delivers systems which are designed for your specific needs.


Dry dust extraction


The Air-P-Line is part of the Air-Line family and has been specially developed for the centralised extraction of dry and free-flowing dusts. Read more about its construction and functioning on the product page.











NOVUS offers a comprehensive product portfolio ranging from plug & play devices to customer-specific centralised or decentralised extraction systems, from best selling line to custom units and attachments.



Satisfied customers in stone and soil industry

Please have a look at some of the projects which we have successfully completed for other customers down the line. To get more detailed insight into our projects please contact us.


In stone and soil processing, the type and size of an extraction unit are chosen depending on the nature and amount of the material to be extracted, and considering additional requirements. Our national and international sales team is pleased to advise you individually and to answer your questions. To receive more information on our products or our services, simply click on the respective link.