Extraction systems for the tobacco industry

In the tobacco industry, the product range includes not only cigarettes, cigars and cigarillos, but also pipe tobacco and fine-cut blends. Processing tobacco, however, incurs many risks. In every production stage, readily combustible dusts and fibres occur which expose the entire production system to a high risk of fire and explosion. Readily combustible material can be ignited at any time by sparks, glowing particles and embers.

How extraction systems are deployed in the tobacco industry

Using NOVUS products in tobacco processing improves your employees' safety and protects machines, transport systems and storage locations. They can also provide more flexibility and ensure reliable production. This is especially important for quality assurance. Less air circulation and improved waste heat recovery also help lower energy costs. 

Herausforderungen der Tabakbranche

Wir verstehen uns als Spezialisten, wenn es um Fragen der Luft-, Wärme- und Entstaubungstechnik bei der Auslegung und Beschaffung von Maschinen und Anlagen der Tabakverarbeitung geht. Genau an dieser Schnittstelle zwischen Prozesstechnik und Infrastruktur liegt beträchtliches Potential zur Kostenreduzierung des Gesamtprozesses. 

Die Tabakverarbeitung birgt außerdem ein erhöhtes Brandrisiko. Während der Produktion können glühende Partikel jederzeit das leicht brennbare Material entzünden.

Maßnahmen bei der Arbeit mit Tabak

Die Entwicklung und Lieferung von Komponenten und Anlagentechnik umfasst unter Anderem folgende Produkte:

  • Beschickung und Entstaubung von Zigarettenmaschinen als flexible, dezentrale Maschinenlösung
  • Entstaubung von Anlagentechnik zur Filterherstellung (Faser/Aktivkohle-Abscheidung)
  • Sichtungsanlagen für Blatttabak, Strips und Schnitttabak (Feingut, Schwergut, Fremdkörper)
  • Entstaubung von Trocknungsanlagen mit nachgeschalteter Abwärmenutzung und Abgasbehandlung
  • Zentrale Absauganlagen

NOVUS extraction solutions in tobacco processing

NOVUS has the ideal solution for every processing stage – from mobile extraction units for product feeding points to a central extraction system. Innovative dedusting technology sustainably increases the safety, efficiency and quality of your production processes.


Modular dust extraction


Air-S-Line is part of the Air-Line family and has been developed with a focus on a modular design and the efficient extraction of moist and sticky dusts. Read more about its construction and functioning on the product page.




Dry dust extraction


Air-P-Line is part of the Air-Line family and has been specially developed for the centralised extraction of dry and free-flowing dusts. Read more about its construction and functioning on the product page.




Extraction of explosive dusts


The speciality of the Novus Atex Deduster is the removal of explosive dusts. It operates by following a fundamental principle: it prevents the formation of a dangerous mix of oxygen, dust and sparks.



Satisfied customers in tobacco industry

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In tobacco processing, the type and size of an extraction unit are chosen depending on the nature and amount of the material to be extracted, and considering additional requirements. Our national and international sales team is pleased to advise you individually and to answer your questions. To receive more information on our products or our services, simply click on the respective link.