Constantly monitor the particle count

Wherever welding work is done, unwanted byproducts such as smoke and ultrafine dust particles enter the air. Particles which are smaller than 1 µm bear a particular risk to the health of your staff, and a challenge to extraction units' sensor technology. The NOVUS PLC module with particle sensor measures the amount of fine dust in the air and transmits the results to the AIRTOWER control unit. This regulates the ventilators used to circulate the air, e.g. to reduce the extraction units' energy demand if the air pollution is low or little dust is generally being produced.

The fully automated system offers many advantages

Improving the measurement of the number of fine dust particles, resulting in the extraction unit and its volumetric flow rate being regulated, produces an increase in efficiency and longer device lifetimes without losing sight of statutory requirements.

The current particle concentration is displayed with LEDs, offering a better, more transparent reading of the air quality and how the extraction unit is operating.

The NOVUS model can easily be integrated into a pre-existing industrial extraction unit control system, and stands out as being extremely sturdy, long-lasting and reliable.


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