A reliable partner at every stage

Our 360° service covers all project areas. As a full-service provider of air handling and dedusting technology, we rely on energy-efficient, process-compatible extraction and filtration technology to comply with all current and future emission limits.

And our quality management in line with DIN EN ISO 9001 does justice to the complex demands of the market, our customers and our staff.

Professional Consulting

Our 360° emission management includes the following steps:

  • Extensive, professional consulting by phone or on site
  • Pollutant measurement and dust analysis
  • Particle analysis
  • Ventilation of production facilities and process air management
  • Customised consulting regarding support measures 
  • Installation of systems and pipework    

Our energy-efficient solutions always comply with the latest regulations, directives and legal limits. This results in the following advantages for you and your employees:    

  • Fire and explosion protection
  • Intelligent filter technology for all cases of application
  • Heat recovery
  • Automation & sensor technology


We work together with our customers to develop optimised solutions for every application. Among other things, this process includes:

  • Requirements catalogue and briefing
  • System concept with the help of 3D construction and visualisation
  • Prototype construction
  • Product test to check compliance with the catalogue of requirements
  • Integration of ventilation processes
  • Interface management (connecting the system to your production processes)

Assembly, Installation, Start-Up Operation

  • System completed and tested for quality and functions at NOVUS
  • All system components assembled on site
  • Complete installation including every related area
  • System inspected and commissioned immediately after assembly
  • Employees instructed and trained

Monitoring, Control, Service

  • Extraction system status monitored internally
  • Remote maintenance package: increased operational reliability thanks to proactive status queries
  • Air flow volume, emission and sound level measuring
  • Maintenance by service employees in accordance with accident prevention regulations (UVV)
  • All spare parts and accessories provided
  • Ultrasonic filter cleaning
  • Detailed, digital project documentation

Further information about NOVUS and our products

If you want to learn more, please click here to download more detailed publications on our products, extraction technology in general, health and safety at work and much more. You can also watch some product and reference videos to gain a better overview. 


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