Test device advice, measurement and more

During the consultation phase, our experts determine the required air flow rate, used as the basis for choosing the system version and number of devices. Special customer requirements, the available space in the production area and the amount of contaminants produced determine which extraction system is suitable.

Deploy and try out test devices effectively

For years, it has been our experience that customers fail to consider the level of contaminants their production system actually emits before using our filter tower. For this reason, we decided to carry out externally run before-and-after measurements of the particulate matter load in their production hall as a key part of the trial stage. This is explicitly recommended and offered separately as a simple means of checking both their needs and the results.

We advise our customers not only on the right device to hire but also on possible add-ons during the trial stage. This means that test devices can be individually adapted to the customer, e.g. using adsorbents, special replacement filters, heating and cooling modules and sensors to monitor remaining particulates. Moreover, our services include a comprehensive safety package to minimise any risk of fire.

Cost of a test device

Our hire devices are provided at inexpensive conditions for up to 4 weeks. If a prospective customer would like to purchase a permanent NOVUS Airtower after the test stage, the hire costs are of course reimbursed or deducted from the purchase price.

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We will be happy to advise you in detail on the subject of test devices, or on extraction and filtration equipment in general.  For general questions, you can call us at any time by dialling 0800 6688780 (within Germany only). You can also use our convenient callback service. To receive more information on the NOVUS Airtower simply click on the respective link. We also provide a product request form for all prospective customers.

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