Centrally or decentrally – What are the benefits?

On principle, every NOVUS extraction system is easily adaptable to the needs and conditions of different emissions. Therefore the first question should be: What kind of extraction do you need? Your work routine is rather flexible? Emissions shall be extracted directly from the entire facility? You already have a piping system? Direct extraction, robot cell, machine housing? We are always able to offer you a industrial extraction system which meets your requirements. 


Extraction system for each industrial sector

Whether you decide on a centralised or decentralised solution, NOVUS extraction units are suitable for use in a wide range of industries. The following examples only show a very small extract of the range of possible uses. Should you be unable to find the requested information right away or should your question be left unanswered, please get in touch with us. We are confident that an outstanding solution can be found for your problem too.



Professionally extracting pollutants

From dust to fumes or vapour, a suitable extraction solution is required for every type of emission. That is the only way to remove every pollutant effectively and permanently from the air.