Extraction systems for gases, odours and fumes

Gases emitted during industrial activities range from unpleasant odours to harmful fumes. Harmful substances, especially harmful gases, that remain in the air for a long time and do not settle fully or at all in the form of deposits, are extremely dangerous for employees, the environment and machines. They can spread over wide distances and even cause harm far away from the production site.

Hazards from gases and fumes

Some gaseous substances are completely harmless but others are highly poisonous or even explosive. Without control or extraction, sensitive electronics units and machines may face damage. Being repeatedly exposed to harmful gases can gradually have serious effects on your health. Even gases that are supposed to be harmless can become life-threatening if they displace the oxygen, for example. It is difficult to estimate how quickly gaseous emissions might reach alarming values within closed spaces.

Characteristics of gas extraction

Unpleasant odours become a burden when they occur continuously, and toxic gases can pose a serious health risk to employees. Possible health consequences range from fatigue, headache and dry mucous membranes to cancer or even worse. With regard to health and safety at work, fumes in some substance classes are extremely problematic, e.g. solvents and chemicals containing solvents, such as paints and varnishes, adhesives or wood protection agents. See also VOCs (volatile organic compounds).


Using NOVUS products with gases and odours

Filtration in a closed circuit, i.e. when the filtered air is reused, demands a clear definition of the filtering system to be deployed. Depending on the gas, various activated carbon filters are used as adsorption filters. When both gas and dust occur, these can be preceded by dust filters.


Successfully fighting odours and gases


Unser Plug & Play Airtower zur Hallenabsaugung von gasförmigen Emissionen, insbesondere Geruch. Tiefergehende Informationen zu Aufbau und Funktionsweise finden Sie auf der Produktseite.










NOVUS offers a comprehensive product portfolio ranging from plug & play devices to customer-specific centralised or decentralised extraction systems, from best selling line to custom units and attachments.



Where gases occur

Gases, fumes and odours occur when burning or processing molten metal and working with chemicals or natural raw materials. Their extraction is therefore essential in the following sectors of industry.


Gas extraction should fit the requirements of the respective industry and the amount of the materials to be extracted. Our national and international sales team is pleased to advise you individually and to answer your questions. To receive more information on our products or our services, simply click on the respective link.