Extraction systems for machine construction

Machine construction includes designing, developing and producing machines. Various metal-processing techniques are used. Chips, dusts, fumes and gases are emitted when processing metals by drilling, grinding, sawing, brazing and welding. That makes it precisely the kind of setting which requires efficient extraction and filtering systems to comply with legal limits regarding air pollutants occurring during welding and grinding and to ensure employees' health and safety.

How extraction systems are deployed in machine construction

Using NOVUS products in the following application areas effectively protects employees and machines against welding fumes and metal dusts. They create a clean working environment and save heating costs by up to 70 % thanks to constant air recirculation.


NOVUS extraction solutions for machine construction

From local extraction systems and extraction hoods to custom-tailored filtering systems, Novus offers a comprehensive product range for the machine construction sector.


Satisfied customers in machine construction

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In machine construction, the type and size of an extraction unit are chosen depending on the nature and amount of the material to be extracted, and considering additional requirements. Our national and international sales team is pleased to advise you individually and to answer your questions. To receive more information on our products or our services, simply click on the respective link.