Extraction systems for the metalworking industry

The emissions occurring during metal processing require efficient extraction and filtering solutions. Various chips, dusts, fumes and aerosols are generated during the manual or mechanical processing of metals (drilling, grinding, sawing) and when melting, brazing and welding. The extraction and filtering of these hazardous substances is absolutely necessary in order to protect your employees, improve manufacturing quality and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

How extraction systems are deployed in the metal processing industry

The advantages of the following application areas are obvious: In addition to health and safety at work and reducing heating and cleaning costs, satisfied and motivated employees are considered to be more productive and improve the company’s image.


NOVUS extraction solutions for metal processing

From individual extraction at workstations to the reliable extraction and cleaning of entire production halls, NOVUS offers customised solutions for every application. Being a market leader for filter towers, we have an extensive product range including not only extraction units and oil mist separators, but also many other innovative welding fume extraction solutions.


Satisfied customers in metalworking industry

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In metal processing, the type and size of an extraction unit are chosen depending on the nature and amount of the material to be extracted, and considering additional requirements. Our national and international sales team is pleased to advise you individually and to answer your questions. To receive more information on our products or our services, simply click on the respective link.