Welding fumes - an invisible danger?

You can hardly see it and yet it is there: During metalworking by welding, soldering, cutting and engraving, emissions such as welding fumes are released and inevitably inhaled by bystanders. These fumes, such as welding fumes, consist of a dangerous gas-particle mixture. Even in supposedly low concentrations, it is hazardous to health. The NOVUS welding fume extraction system protects the health of your colleagues and employees by extracting welding fumes in a mobile way!


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How dangerous is welding fume?

Welding fumes, soldering fumes and cutting dust consist of various gases and millions of tiny ultra-fine dust particles in the nanoscale, which are invisible to the naked eye. These pollutants are inhaled, pass through the mouth-nose barrier and penetrate deep into the lungs (alveolar).

Depending on the nature of the welding fumes, severe respiratory diseases, cancer, brain and nerve damage or genetic changes can be the result in the medium to long term. It goes without saying that health protection measures must be taken here. 

The effect of welding fumes must never be underestimated. A high-performance welding fume extraction system is therefore not an optional extra, but an urgent duty for affected companies. The legislator has also long since recognized the potential danger of welding fumes and regulates the correct handling of the emission through regulations on welding fume extraction.

Legal regulations for welding fume and welding fume extraction

Welding fume extraction is mandatory. This is also made very clear by the extensive disputes of the legislator on the subject of welding fumes. The most relevant regulations that must be observed when extracting fumes are the Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG) and the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances (GefStoffV).

The Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRGS). provide useful assistance in implementing all the ordinances and regulations relating to welding fumes. These also specify the conditions under which mobile extraction systems for welding fume extraction are permissible and what must be taken into account when selecting products. The applicable occupational exposure limits are also specified in the TRGS (including TRGS 402, TRGS 900, TRGS 528).

By the way: In addition to the obligation to comply with the permissible limit values, the protective measures must also be constantly checked by measuring the concentration of hazardous substances and, if necessary, improved.

Too much input? Don't worry, we will be happy to advise you on what you really need!

Follow legal requirements for welding fume extraction Schweißer in Schutzausrüstung schweißt ein großes Bauteil
Planning extraction system for welding fume extraction Mitarbeiter von Novus air besprechen und planen eine neue Absaugnlage in der Werkhalle

What should be considered when buying a (mobile) welding fume extraction system?

The most important thing when deciding on a welding fume extraction system is the accuracy of fit of the system for one's own, usually very individual, application. Where do the emissions originate? Are the workplaces always the same? Do you need a pipeline or is a mobile hall extraction system sufficient? Might even smaller units that require noticeably less space be sufficient?

A needs-based design of the welding fume extraction system meets the requirements and takes the general conditions into account in equal measure. For the design of the welding fume extraction system, it is therefore essential to know exactly the hazard potential caused by the welding fumes. A risk assessment provides clarity about the composition of the welding fume, and can determine the hazardous properties of the constituents as well as the hazard class depending on the process and the working conditions. We will be happy to provide you with advice and support for such an assessment.



Extraction systems for soldering and welding fumes

From mobile welding fume extraction systems and filter units to fully automatic hall ventilation systems, we have the ideal solution for your needs.

Are you considering a NOVUS product? A very good decision! Whether a unit of the AIRTOWER or the AIRLINE series is the right welding fume extraction system for you depends mainly on the situation and general conditions in your production.


The central extraction system for stationary workplace, machine and room extraction.



The effective plug & play solution for holistic hall extraction of smoke



NOVUS extraction system against welding fumes in use

In principle, all NOVUS products can be designed for different framework conditions. Therefore, we first ask how. How exactly is the extraction to take place? Is there already a pipeline in place, are the space conditions rather cramped? Is the smoke generated decentrally at various locations or are there fixed emission sources? Once questions of this kind have been clarified, the optimum extraction system can be found.

Take a look at our project portfolio and find out who relies on proven NOVUS extraction for the elimination of welding fumes and, above all, why. Or arrange an immediate  FREE CONSULTATION


All about soldering and welding fumes

Brazing or welding fumes are generated during the working and processing of metals. And their hazardous properties entail extensive regulations and laws. Therefore, professional soldering and welding fume extraction should be carried out in metal processing and mechanical engineering in any case.

Welding smoke generation in front of NOVUS extraction unit Schweißer arbeitet in Schutzmontur, Schweißrauch entsteht, im Hintergrund die Novus Absauganalge

How is welding smoke produced?

Welding smoke is generated by the thermal processing of metals. Welding is not the only process that produces smoke. Processes such as soldering, cutting and engraving are also considered when dealing with hazardous fumes.

In each case, metal is heated beyond its boiling point. The resulting vapor cloud consists of a toxic gas-particle mixture that may include nitrogen oxides, nickel, zinc, copper, and others.

It is therefore important to assess the hazard correctly in order to design the welding fume extraction system to meet the requirements. For this purpose, the specific properties of the processed material must also be taken into account.

What does mobile extraction mean?

NOVUS welding fume extraction systems can be mobile in different ways. Here it is worth making a difference.

If you need a welding fume extraction system that can be set up and put into operation quickly, but should not be moved several times a day, the classic AIRTOWER is a powerful all-rounder among the mobile extraction systems. As a plug & play filter tower, it provides clean air using the layered ventilation principle.

You are even more flexible in the installation with the slimmest solution from our product range: the AIRTOWER Compact. Reduced to the essential components, it combines low space requirements with the performance of a mobile filter tower.

However, our portfolio also includes welding fume extraction systems that can actually be moved around the room very flexibly. Thanks to its mobile design, the AIRTOWER Go can be moved quickly and easily to the respective place of use thanks to its low overall height, heavy-duty rollers and push handles.

Mobile extraction system for welding fume extraction Mobile Absauganlage zur Schweißrauchabsaugung steht in der Halle.
Central exhaust system for welding fume extraction Zentrale Absauganlage zur Schweißrauchabsaugung ausserhalb der Produktionshalle.

Or would you rather have a central extraction system?

A central system means nothing other than a stationary welding fume extraction system. These units are connected to a piping system and cannot be moved flexibly. Central welding fume extraction systems offer the advantage that they suck in the emissions directly at the source via extraction arms or pipelines. They are ideal for use at the machine, robot cell or guiding machine.

The NOVUS Airline was optimized as a stationary welding fume extraction system specifically for process-dependent production. It can easily be in operation 24/7 and features online cleaning.

Welding fume extraction in industrial halls and workshops

What does it actually look like when an extraction system removes welding fumes in an industrial hall? The video on the right gives you a good impression of how filter towers are used to extract welding fumes.

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The extraction of soldering or welding fumes should always depend on the type of material processed, the local conditions and the amount of emission to be extracted. An initial consultation is therefore essential in order to assess your needs professionally.


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