Extraction systems for oil mist and aerosols

Oil mists and fumes are generated when pure oil is used as a cutting fluid on machine tools. Depending on the cutting speed, feed rate and cutting depth, this may produce only a mist or a mixture of mist and fumes. If a mixture of oil and water or water and a chemical additive is used as a cutting fluid, the mists generated must not be confused with the mists arising from pure oil.

Ölnebel entsteht beim Einsatz von Kühlschmierstoffen bei der Metallbearbeitung

Hazards from oil and aerosol mists

Oil mists spread quickly in the indoor air, are deposited everywhere and contaminate surfaces (workbenches, walls, ceilings, cabinets and floors). They are a safety hazard (slip hazard), cause general discomfort among employees and, depending on the composition, can even be hazardous to their health.

It is therefore absolutely necessary to extract and filter these mists before they spread everywhere. Both individual machine extraction and group extraction units with mechanical air cleaners can stop the indoor air being contaminated with mists.

Challenges in oil mist extraction

One special characteristic of oil mist is that it consists of large amounts of aerosols and microparticles of water. This causes very high humidity in the room even if the mist is separated. Oil mist further contains a significant amount of gas which cannot be extracted either with mechanical or with electrostatic air cleaners. It is possible to use activated carbon, but for economic reasons this is not always advisable.

It is absolutely essential to ensure that rooms are sufficiently ventilated with a fresh air supply to prevent the humidity and gas concentration in the rooms from growing too high.

Messgeräte in hoher Luftfeuchte und sichtbaren Oelnebel

Using NOVUS extraction systems with oil mists and aerosols

It is recommended to use air cleaners for individual machines combined with room air cleaning. From a filtering unit with pipework to a plug-and-play filter tower, our product range offers various solutions.


Where oil and aerosol mists arise

Among other things, fumes and mists arise from using cutting coolants when machining metals (cutting, sawing, milling, drilling or turning). Their extraction is therefore essential in the following sectors of industry.