This is NOVUS

Motivated employees and a positive working atmosphere are the basis of our success. Together with our team of developers and process engineers, we face the daily challenges of the industry, technology and future trends. We are on an equal footing with our employees and have an open, fair and informal relationship.


Managing director. Born in 1976, the Finnish engineer studied International Production Engineering in Dresden and has many years of experience as a development engineer, project manager and head of production for a well-known OEM and a globally active automotive supplier.


Production. The three employees of this department support all the products at Novus air GmbH. Carsten joined NOVUS in 2011 and is one of our senior employees. Thomas joined the production department in 2012. And Ulrich is responsible for electrical engineering.


Authorised signatory. In 2014, Yvonne, who has a degree in Business Administration, took over from the retired managing partner Thomas Drabner. She successfully filled this position until 2017, when ULT AG took over our company. Since then, she and Jani Mäkelä have been the Managing Directors of the company.


Head of Development. As an qualified engineer in utility and environmental engineering Tommy Kaiser covers a broad spectrum: construction, calculation, project leadership and project management. He is responsible for research & development of serial products and custom specific solutions.


Assistant to the general management. In 1996, our assistant was awarded her degree in Business Administration by the University of Cooperative Education in Riesa. She became part of the NOVUS family in the summer of 2014 and is responsible for procurement, order handling and the dispatch process.


Head of Sales. Since September 2017 Christian Lauer is in charge of Sales and Distribution and therefore the best contact person and advisor for clients and prospective customers. In doing so he can benefit from more than 10 years of operating experience in Sales and Export of extracting units.


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At the moment there are no vacant positions.

But we are constantly looking for qualified, dedicated employees to respond to the growing environmental technology industry and its requirements. We offer you an open, fair environment where you can enhance your personal skills and abilities. If we have aroused your interest in working with our dedicated and friendly team, then please apply. Got a question about vacancies or general questions? We would be pleased to answer them in person. Please contact us by phone on 0800 66887 80 or use our contact form. Please send a full-length, informative résumé to