Extraction systems for the plastics industry

While most plastic materials are generally considered harmless when cured, various hazardous materials can be released during their production and processing. Manual or mechanical processing, e.g. grinding, cutting or drilling, or conditioning, coating and printing during final production, can create undesired decomposition products and hazardous materials. Dusts, vapours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are often released and need to be extracted and safely separated before they spread around the production hall and are deposited on the machines. Workers' health may be put at risk when they inhale these hazardous materials, because they harm their organs and respiratory tract.

How extraction systems are deployed in the plastics industry

Extraction and filtering systems for the plastics and rubber processing industry make it possible to meet environmental regulations and workplace exposure limits and to create an energy-efficient and clean work environment. In addition to ensuring the purity and quality of the raw materials and final products, they are an important contribution to occupational safety and health protection.


NOVUS extraction solutions for plastics processing

NOVUS offers special systems across a broad range of capacities for extraction in the plastics industry. NOVUS generally recommends systems which extract and filter hazardous substances directly at the source of their emission. We distinguish between mobile and stationary systems. These systems offer perfect employee protection in combination with production hall air extraction. NOVUS devices are available both as explosion-proof and as non-ex versions.    


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In plastics and rubber processing, the type and size of an extraction unit are chosen depending on the nature and amount of the material to be extracted, and considering additional requirements. Our national and international sales team is pleased to advise you individually and to answer your questions. To receive more information on our products or our services, simply click on the respective link.